Russian Pissing Beauty


Olga Cabaeva is new to the states. But she brings a whole new meaning to dirty piss hungry slut. She tells us the more the better. She wants to be a urinal for us and wants to get as wet and dirty as possible. Olga loves feeling naughty and sucks the piss out of FIVE cocks. She takes it all, loads of hot golden shower and a face full of cum topped of with more piss!!

Watch Olga Drink Piss!

Fun in the Snow


We all joke about yellow snow, but these snow snow sluts love it. Trapped in a cabin in Tahoe with four girls and a rigger they seem to be without a working toilet. Now what are they supposed to do to release their bladders and keep warm I guess piss on each other! Watch these girls get it on in the snow and eat all of the yellow stuff!

Try your hand at the yellow snow now!

Two Pots To Piss In


Jealous Jade sees her boyfriend downstairs in the basement pissing all over his new girlfriend. Now what’s a girl to do? Why join in of course? Jade goes in for gold and shows that girl who’s the best piss pot.

Watch Jade Fight It Out for Pissing Superiority

Stairway to Heavenly Piss



Krissy Leigh is new to the site and you know how we break girls in right?  Full throttle with dick galore! And we go all out with men from the big league: Maestro, James Deen and Wolf Hudson. These big dickin’ mother fuckers are interested in fucking her and using her like a toilet. For a first-timer, she really knows how to hold her pee and their pee, for that matter!

My first pee

Thirsty for Piss and Cock



Luscious Jezebel Dani has a beautiful voluptuous ass. Anyone would want to tap it and tap it Maestro and Dean do, with their piss! After some cock sucking and a romp with Jezebel, dressed like a nurse, they keep their dicks out and piss all over her face and fine ass!

The Nurse Gets Pissed on!

Peeing on Penny



This is not Penny’s first time here. She had so much hot wet fun last time that she has decided to come back and be a human urinal for everyone. The big guns come out and give her what she wants. Featuring Isis Love, Maestro, Lobo and Diesel Washington!

the toilet is here

Amber Waves of Yellow



Every girl should use the bathroom before sex and Amber Rayne has some time before her porn shoot so she hits the head and gets more than she bargains for: two dick heads who also think it’s a good idea she’s a bathroom. Stripping for them and pissing on the floor, they use her as a urinal.

Amber, Urine Trouble

Three Pervs in a Tub



These three give a different meaning to rub-a-dub-dub. These three perverts love water sports and what better way to keep the pissing clean than to do it in the tub and watch it flow down the drain? Two girl to one guy is exactly the right sort of feature we like.

Watch the Waterworks!

The Wet Works



So many porn stars, so much pee! The crowd favorites are hear wetting and steaming up the scene with some wet works. The is anywhere they want it to be.

All the girls go wee 

No Toilet? No Problem!



There is plenty of snow and piss to be had but no commode. These 5 people make due by using a girl with glasses. Men may not make passes at girls with glasses but it’s ok to piss warm fluid all over them when a toilet is nowhere to be had!

Warm Pissing in Tahoo!

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